Saudi Arabian Women Finally Register to Vote
Big news out of Saudi Arabia, or so they would have you think. For the first time in forever, women were allowed to register to vote in the upcoming elections. Of course, there are a few caveats attached, one of which being that the total number of women registered in the first round was… two. B…

Saudis Turn Scene of Historic Pact into Tourist Attraction

More than 250 years ago, in this sunbaked oasis of mud-brick houses and ramparts, the ancestors of the Saudi royal family and an outcast preacher formed an alliance that has shaped this land ever since. FULL STORY
via TheAge.

Saudi Arabian Tourists are World’s Biggest Spenders

Tourists from Saudi Arabia are the world’s biggest spenders when they head abroad, splashing more £14bn every year, according to government figures.
The wealthy Gulf country says at least 4.5 million Saudi tourists take at least one holiday each year and they spend as much as six times as We…

The Artist Sessions Presents Two Sets of Music From the ‘Roads of Arabia’

This afternoon at the Asian Art Museum Lara Downes presented the second of two concerts in her The Artist Sessions series conceived to supplement the current special exhibition Roads of Arabia: Archaeology and History of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program was a two-set affair entitled A Dr…