Did You Find the Easter Egg Made of Tamales in Oscar Front-Runner ‘Birdman’?

Even if you haven’t seen the Academy Award-nominated ‘Birdman,’ you’ve probably heard about this scene: Riggin Thomson (Michael Keaton) speedwalking through Times Square in nothing but socks and his skivvies.
Despite the location and the actor – both very USA ­– tucked away in the sc… http://goo.gl/xI9hmg

Mexico City’s Architectural Treasures: A Resident Photographer’s List

This is a city for the bold, for those who love art, architecture and adventure and are open to its beautiful chaos.
At first glance, the capital — also known as DF for its “Distrito Federal” administrative designation — may seem like a concrete oasis. But dig a little and you… http://goo.gl/RMh0GF

Aztec App Brings Historic Mexico Codex into the Digital Age

A 16th century document considered one of the most important primary sources on the Aztecs of pre-Columbian Mexico went digital Thursday with a new app that aims to spur research and discussion.
The Codex Mendoza is a 1542 illustrated report ordered by Spanish viceroy Antonio de Mendoza that… http://goo.gl/FPuHii

Mexico City Wants Cabbies to Color Their Taxis Pink

Every few years, Mexico City’s taxi owners are required to repaint their cars a designated color.
The uniform standard has helped to control and monitor cabs, going a long way in making a once-notorious business more professional, reliable and safe. The number of kidnappings by taxi… http://goo.gl/M0fwdg

Luxury Stores Flock to Mexico

For years, wealthy Mexicans have traveled to Houston to shop in The Galleria’s tony boutiques. That is likely to continue, although there’s growing evidence that the most exclusive names in fashion are coming to them.
The latest to join the crowd is Prada, which just opened a new bo… http://goo.gl/xFmDAW

Northeast Portland’s Pollo Norte an Ode to Mexico City’s Rotisseries

The chickens have landed at the corner of NE Killingsworth and NE 42nd Avenue.
Rotisserie-focused Pollo Norte opened December 4, bringing a slow-food-fast lunch and dinner option to the Concordia and Cully neighborhoods. With its small menu of free-range rotisserie chickens, tortillas, salsa, an… http://goo.gl/ORD7sA