Eating Around Antwerp, Belgium

The people of Antwerp revel in their food and drink with good reason, not least their exquisite chocolates (one of the best shops is Günter Watte on Steenhouwersvest) Belgian waffles and hearty Flemish fare like waterzooi and carbonnade stews. At lunch people nosh on a smos sandwich, whose name means a “mess,” the expected outcome of eating multilayers of bread and garnishes. Continue reading Eating Around Antwerp, Belgium

Inside The Amazing Street Art Scene In Ghent, Belgium, Where Graffiti Is Legal

In the historical center of Ghent, Belgium, a 14th-century medieval Belfry rises high above a square just feet away from picturesque canals. Across the same square is Saint Nicholas’ Church, built in the 13th century, and a City Hall and Masons’ Guild Hall, both dating back to the 1500s.

With so much history in such a small area, one might think the local government would have a zero-tolerance policy against vandals wielding spray paint cans. Yet Ghent — a city that was founded around the year 650 — is actually a major graffiti destination, with a thriving street art scene that’s epicenter is just a couple of minutes’ walk from the bustling tourist square Korenmarkt. Continue reading Inside The Amazing Street Art Scene In Ghent, Belgium, Where Graffiti Is Legal

International Graffiti Jam in Maaseik, Belgium

Maaseik is a sleepy little Belgian town. That is if you compare it to the tourist filled streets of international destinations like Amsterdam or Antwerp. But aside from the smell of mouth watering Belgian chips, frying away at nearly every shopping strip, Maaseik has a creative pulse that is beating as hard as any big city in Europe! Continue reading International Graffiti Jam in Maaseik, Belgium