Japan Summer Festival Set to Sizzle at Singapore National Stadium

The Japanese Association, Singapore‘s “Japan Summer Festival” is set to sizzle at the National Stadium on the 8th and 9th of September 2018! One of the longest-running Japanese culture events in Singapore, the festival is currently on its 30th year of bringing a slice of Japan to both Japanese expats and local Singaporeans alike! Continue reading Japan Summer Festival Set to Sizzle at Singapore National Stadium

Famed Kyoto Coffee Chain % Arabica Coffee to Open in Singapore

Coffee fans rejoice: Popular Kyoto coffee chain – % Arabica Coffee – will welcome its first store in Singapore at 56 Arab Street, the shop confirmed. Continue reading Famed Kyoto Coffee Chain % Arabica Coffee to Open in Singapore

Valdes Brings Cuban Dance to Tokyo’s World Ballet Festival

Both traditional and modern dance shine amid the competitions which began this year on July 27 and will come to a close on August 18.

Cuban Prima Ballerina Viengsay Valdes is representing her home country at the international 15th World Ballet Festival of Tokyo (WBF).

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Yutaka Oyama Hogaku Trio to Perform Japanese Music in Central America

Yutaka Oyama Hogaku - Anthem Culture

A Japan foundation is doing a music tour in Central America. A band named Hogaku plays traditional Japanese music called Trio and will be performed by Yutaka Oyama, Takuya Kato, and Yoshimi Tsujimoto. The trio will be performing in places such as El Salvador, Cuba, and Panama giving lectures and calm relaxing music to the audience. Special guests from Cuba named David Alvarez and from El Salvador named Cesar David Marino are song writers and singers will be performing with Hogaku once they arrive to the songwriter’s location.

Tsugaru Shamisen is an instrument played by Yutaka Oyama. Yutaka Oyama has played at over 100 stages in his homeland and also abroad. He learned to play the Tsugaru Shamisen at a young age and has also in 2001 and in 2002 won Outstanding Player Award at the Tsugaru Shamisen Competition. Yutaka Oyama continues learning and creating new sounds in a flexible style to appeal to the audience.

Yoshimi Tsujimoto is the Shakuhachi player. She’s performed at the Japanese and Korean student Music exchange workshop located in Osaka, and she also performed in California in 2005 as a goodwill ambassador of Hashimoto City. In 2012, she performed at a FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Japan and has no doubt increased her talent from every performance show she’s had.

Last but not least they also have Takuya Kato. He plays the Wadaiko Drums and has become better at playing drums from teachings from his father Osamu Kato. Takuya Kato teaches drum music, arranges drum music, composes drum music, and directs drum music on his free time if he’s not performing at any shows, to add he also collaborates with other music genres. Kato’s won awards from the Mt. Fuji Taiko Festival and he says he will continue to perform drum music in Japan and abroad with the best of his capabilities.

By Aaron Diaz  (@_D1AZ_).

More information at JPF.

10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America

Japanese Tips For America Visit - Anthem Culture

With the help of Google Translate (and an ability to interpret completely random sentence structure), an American can find out what kind of advice the Japanese give to their own countrymen on how to handle the peculiarities of American culture. Here are some things tolook out for if you are visiting America from Japan. FULL STORY Continue reading 10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America

Southern Fishermen Cash In On Asia’s Taste For Jellyfish

Cannonball Jellyfish Popular Asian Cuisine - Anthem Culture

On the Southeast coast of the U.S., jellyfish have earned a lengthy rap sheet for stinging beachgoers and getting tangled in shrimpers’ net. But lately, the tides have turned for shrimping, and some fishermen in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida are reaping profits from their local pests, the cannonball jellyfish, or “jellyballs.”

The cannonball’s gelatinous flesh is notoriously bland, and there’s never been much of a market for it in the U.S. But there’s a big market for it in countries like China and Japan, where people have been salting, drying and rehydrating jellyfish in soups for centuries. There, the cannonball jellyfish is prized but hard to come by, and believed to have medicinal properties — like alleviating arthritis pain. FULL STORY Continue reading Southern Fishermen Cash In On Asia’s Taste For Jellyfish

Japan’s Newest Island Is Now Eight Times Bigger

Japan Newest Island - Anthem Culture

Japan‘s newest island keeps on growing, and it has now taken on a cartoonish look.

Previously called Niijima, the volcanic island that first broke above the Pacific Ocean on November 20 has merged with a neighboring uninhabited island called Nishino Shima as it continues to expand. FULL STORY Continue reading Japan’s Newest Island Is Now Eight Times Bigger