Anthem Culture Presents: The Ambassador Bridge Tour

AC Ambassador Project Tour Pic

We are proud to present The Ambassador Bridge Tour! This two-stop tour will bring Anthem Culture to international audiences, stopping first in Windsor, Ontario, and then New York, New York!

The Ambassador Bridge is the busiest international border crossing in North America in terms of trade volume: more than 25 percent of all merchandise trade between the United States and Canada crosses the bridge.

This tour is symbolic of this relationship between the countries. Their shared border results in a near seamless blend of things such as music, fashion, and food, in addition to each having their own specific characteristics of culture.

For this tour, we will be exploring a part of the Canadian culture, going into Windsor to do promotion of the company and our message. While there, we will be gathering video for our #ACStreetSpotlight series, gaining different perspectives of culture in the area. This also will be done in New York. It will give a sense of how people in various location view culture as it applies to their everyday environments.

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Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ Hits 1 Billion Views on VEVO

Justin Bieber Baby Vevo One Billion Views - Anthem Culture

Justin Bieber has become the first artist on VEVO to pass a billion views with a single music video.

The Canadian singer’s breakout hit ‘Baby’ has become the first visual to surpass the impressive milestone over the weekend, the company confirmed.

What’s more, the star has 11 certified music videos on VEVO, with the accolade honored to visuals with more than 100 million views. FULL STORY

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Canada Made a Statement to the World in Winning Gold

Canada Wins Gold Hockey Olympics 2014 - Anthem Culture

The only thing that would have made it better would have been making the Russian bear dance to “O Canada” inside his own wintry den. Otherwise, Canada’s men’s hockey team ran the table at Olympus and reaffirmed its primacy around the planet.

By snuffing out the Swedes, 3-0, on goals by Jonathan Toews, Sidney Crosby, and Chris Kunitz in Sunday’s final inside the Bolshoy Ice Dome for their third gold medal at the last four Games and their country’s ninth in the sport, Captain Crosby and his maple-leafed teammates checked several significant boxes. They were the first champions to repeat since the Soviet Union did it in 1988, and the first to win every game (six in all) since the Big Red Machine managed it in 1984. And they were the first Canadian team to win a gold medal outside of North America since the 1952 squad did it in Oslo. FULL STORY Continue reading Canada Made a Statement to the World in Winning Gold

Carleton University Presents the Indigenous Human Library

Carleton University Human Library - Anthem Culture

Through Ontario, Canada‘s Carleton University’s Human Library, instead of borrowing a printed book, participants in the Indigenous Human Library will have the opportunity to borrow a “human book” and have a conversation. Participants can connect with First Nations, Inuit and Métis people, and listen to their unique set of life experiences, stories and knowledge.

Carleton’s Indigenous Human Library is like a normal library – participants will have the opportunity to sit with a human book for 30 minutes. FULL STORY Continue reading Carleton University Presents the Indigenous Human Library