At These Grand Museums, Architecture is Part of the Draw

Grand Museum Architecture - Anthem Culture

Often the focus of a popular older museum is on its contents, but in many instances, the buildings themselves are worthy of a visit. Many of the world’s grand old museums have illustrious histories, from converted palaces to once having been an imposing seat of government or commerce. Quite often, the world’s grandest museums were the vision of great leaders, and were meant to validate the wealth of their country. This is especially true of Europe’s museum buildings, designed in neoclassical, Italian Renaissance or the highly ornamental Baroque styles, all representing a renewed interest in the art, architecture and culture of the Classical antiquity. FULL STORY Continue reading At These Grand Museums, Architecture is Part of the Draw

The Eighth Wonder of the World? ‘Step into The Void’

Step Into The Void 8th Wonder - Anthem Culture

A rival to the London Shard, which stands at 1,017 feet (310 meters) and offers a 360-degree view of the city, it is the latest piece of architecture to attract thousands of tourists.

Designed by Pierre-Yves Chays, the structure is inspired by “The Skywalk,” a huge glass walkway overlooking the Grand Canyon in the U.S. state of Arizona.

Perched at the top of the 12,600-foot (3,842-meter) Aiguille du Midi peak near Chamonix, France, it gives a view of Mont Blanc which had previously only been attainable by skiing. FULL STORY Continue reading The Eighth Wonder of the World? ‘Step into The Void’

Spanish Opera House to Lose Crumbling Facade by Star Architect

Spanish Opera House - Anthem Culture

In the latest development in the ongoing travails of Santiago Calatrava, the Spanish architect, construction workers are due to start removing the crumbling mosaic facade of Valencia’s opera house on Monday.

The structural problems of the Queen Sofía Palace of the Arts, which has been closed since last month because of a risk of falling tiles, is the latest controversy surrounding the work of Mr. Calatrava. The opera house, one of his flagship projects, is at the heart of the massive City of Arts and Sciences complex that Mr. Calatrava designed to help transform his native city of Valencia. FULL STORY Continue reading Spanish Opera House to Lose Crumbling Facade by Star Architect

Europe’s Top 100 Schools of Architecture and Design

Europe Topp 100 Architect Schools - Anthem Culture

Picking a university to study at can be an incredible challenge, especially with architecture courses which can last up to 7 years at some institutions – and knowing what to expect can take hours of research. That’s why the Italian magazine Domus has helpfully made its 2014 supplement of Europe’s top 50 schools in both architecture and design available for free online. It’s sure to be an invaluable resource for anyone considering their options for architecture or design courses in Europe. FULL STORY Continue reading Europe’s Top 100 Schools of Architecture and Design

Mumbai’s International Airport Gets Modern Makeover

Mumbai Airport Makeover - Anthem Culture

For anyone who has traveled through the shiny airport hubs of Asia like Hong Kong and Singapore, flying into Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai can deliver quite a shock.

The first substantial upgrade to the Mumbai airport in nearly 30 years, the new terminal, which cost 55 billion rupees, or $887 million, will have a capacity of 40 million passengers per year, up from the 10 million passengers per year that the existing international terminal can handle. FULL STORY Continue reading Mumbai’s International Airport Gets Modern Makeover

Back to the Future in Algeria

Oscar Niemeyer Brazilian Architect - Anthem Culture

The legacy of Oscar Niemeyer, the Brazilian architect who died in 2012 at the age of 104, is most familiarly seen in the Modernist buildings he designed for Brasilia, the planned city that became the country’s capital in 1960. But his work in Algeria — not nearly so well known — has also enhanced his reputation as one of the 20th century’s great architects. FULL STORY Continue reading Back to the Future in Algeria