A Journey Into The World Of Nigerian Art

The history of Nigerian art is fascinating. The dawn of the 15th century saw an explosion in the art scene. That century saw the death of Iyoba Idia (Queen Mother of Oba Esigie) which occasioned the carving of the famous figurine. The figurine became popular and placed the Benin Kingdom into the world of arts. Other ancient civilizations also came forth with their different art forms which included but not limited to painting, carving, sculpture, and poetry.

The 19th century saw the prominence of arts from the Nok, Benin, Igbo Ukwu, Owo, Esie and Ife artworks. Today, these artworks energize Nigerian creatives to produce works within obvious traditions and practices. It has documented the history of Nigeria with art as that unifying factor that sells the country to the rest of the world. Read More via Guardian.

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