This Kenyan Group Is Turning Discarded Flip Flops Into Amazing Works of Art

If you have been to a beach in your life — which, if you’re reading this website, you probably have—you have seen garbage. It washes up on all corners of a globe, a plastic pandemic of epic proportions. We haphazardly throw our plastics out the windows of our lives, strewing them along roadways, into ditches, and down drains. Plastic is everywhere in our lives, and each piece, from the keys on your keyboard to the bottle of juice in your fridge, will be around long after we’re gone. There are a variety of different outfits attempting to do something about it, but none of the results are quite as eye-catching as Ocean Sole’s, a Kenyan marine conservation group that collects thousands of discarded flip flops and turns them into incredible works of colorful art.Read More via TheInertia.


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