The UK’s Very First Trappist Ale Has Been Brewed

Henry VIII has a lot to answer for, but the lack of monastic brewing in Britain probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. Yet had the Tudor monarch not  decreed the Dissolution of the Monasteries, perhaps it would not have taken us until the 21st Century to get our first Trappist brewery. Still, better late than never. Monks at Mount Saint Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire this week revealed their Tynt Meadow beer – the world’s first English Trappist Ale, on sale from today.

A Trappist brewery may be a UK first, but Monks in Europe began brewing beer as far back as the 9th Century. The earliest known drawings of a modern brewery, made in 829 AD, were part of architectural plans for St Gallen monastery, in Switzerland. Some of the famous Trappist breweries producing beer today have been doing so for hundreds of years. Read More via Telegraph.

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