This Literary Festival in Jamaica Is the Island’s Best-Kept Secret

Sometimes it’s the places that really make you work to get there that leave the most lasting impression. This is what visitors tell themselves as they travel through winding dirt roads and hilly countryside, past makeshift bars with names like “Nuff Vibes,” to a sleepy fishing village called Treasure Beach.

This corner of sun and sea is also the home of Calabash Literary Festival, a book lover’s mecca that takes place every two years, drawing the likes of international authors Zadie Smith, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Salman Rushdie, and Eleanor Catton to read on its stage. Founded in 2001, the festival continues to be the Caribbean’s best-kept literary secret. In addition to international visitors, locals travel by moped, bus, and car from all around Jamaica to attend. When asked what makes it so special, repeat attendees will simply reply that’s it’s the vibes. Read More via Vogue.

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